Fetching Flock Dog Toys

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Squirrel. Cat.

Who is your favourite frien-emy?

Are they feathery?

Meet Edgar the Eagle, Flora the Flamingo, Percy the Peacock, Paula the Parrot and Tito the Toucan.

The most impressive of the avian family. Wide wing span, symbol of power and authority. Unmistakable long legs, fashionable symbol of joy and fun.Impressive feather display during courtship, symbol of immortality, pride and beauty. Clever, talkative and a symbol of luck and positivity. Enlarged, colourful bill and symbol of communication and showmanship.

  • Edgar the Eagle may look serious, but don’t be afraid to ruffle his expandable and crinkly feathers!  You will love that his tail crinkles too and that his body comes with an exciting squeaker.
  • Percy the Peacock is full of colour and personality, brightening up any room he struts into with his gorgeous crinkly feathers and squeaky head and body.
  • Paula the Parrot is waiting for you to say those magic words; it’s play time! Perfectly perched and ready to play, your pup will woof with excitement as they try to find this toys multi-squeak and crinkle features.
  • Flora the Flamingo is eager to show off her crinkly legs and wings while your pup searches for her enticing multiple squeakers!
  • Tito the Toucan can’t wait to play with your furry friend and show off his cool features.  This handsome toy is filled with all of the crunch, squeaks and crinkles your pup could ask for!
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