Shiba Fur Booster


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Shiba Fur Booster is based on soft-shelled turtle eggs extract. The formula is made from raw food grade ingredients. Professional pet nutrition is formulated to give the pet the most suitable all-round care.

Soft-Shell Turtle Egg

  • Provides excellent protein, top natural eggshell calcium, rich animal lecithin, complete vitamins and traces of taurine, more structurally intact poly-unsaturated fatty acids (DHA, EPA, etc.)

Natural Oatmeal

  • The selection of natural oatmeal can improve gastrointestinal motility, enhance the absorption of the individual, maintain the normal operation of the digestive system, and help fully absorb the precious nutrients of the turtle eggs extract.

Nature Wheat Germ

  • Provides rich vitamin E to keep the cardiovascular smooth, and contains enough plant protein to effectively activate the pet's body function and make the pet more active and healthy.


  • Internationally recognized as the most effective calcium absorption promoting element. It can avoid excessive calcium precipitation and stone conditions, and can help improve bone strength and improve dental caries.

Beer Yeast Powder

  • Amino acids, vitamin B group, minerals (chromium, selenium) and polysaccharide fibers, which are rich in high-quality protein, have the effect of neutralizing free radicals, increasing antioxidant powe and increasing the absorption, of nutrients in the stomach.

Food Grade Potassium Monophosphate

  • Providing easy-to-absorb phosphate and calcium to form the calcium phosphate that the organism needs to absorb, allowing pets to absorb more complete nutrients and strengthen bones, while also providing trace amounts of potassium ions to maintain heart and blood vessel health.

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